Weight Loss Can Happen For You Too!

How would it feel to head into the holiday season feeling so confident that even if you celebrate (because, DUH, that’s what we do at the holidays), you can get yourself right back on track with your healthy lifestyle? Or how would it feel to walk into that holiday party, rocking that dress with confidence, because you’ve lost weight and you feel incredible in your body and in your clothes?  Go with me here for a minute…. You finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you can do this. You CAN shed the weight… And having the body you desire and feel Continue reading Weight Loss Can Happen For You Too!

Skip a Meal? Gasp…..

When considering a healthy diet or weight loss, we are typically most interested in WHAT we should be eating. Eat this, not that.  What foods are good? Or bad? What is the latest superfood I can buy? And what’s for dinner? But I’ve been reading that WHEN we eat, is just as important, if not more so than the WHAT. In 1977, a survey of more than 60,000 adults and children, revealed that most people ate three times per day. And by 2003, most people were eating closer to five or six times per day.* And I would guess it is similar Continue reading Skip a Meal? Gasp…..

The Downside of Sugar

Today’s topic is…..SUGAR. The October round of FIT AND FAB is well underway and the group is experiencing the amazing benefits of getting off the sugar roller coaster (see what they have to say below).  I want to share with you what I’ve shared with them. And that is that sugar is the key culprit of weight gain. And of many other things, as you’ll see. Sugar is made up of 50 percent glucose, the component that spikes blood sugar, and 50 percent fructose, the stuff that goes straight for the liver. It’s the sheer quantity we’re eating that’s driving obesity and other diseases.  Continue reading The Downside of Sugar

Breast Cancer Awareness? How About Prevention.


It is October and we are awash in pink. It is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and while I believe there is good that comes from this awareness, I think a lot is misdirected. A high percentage of degenerative diseases are preventable. But unfortunately, the money isn’t in the prevention. That is why we MUST take responsibility for our own health. And realize that we have so much more control than we are told. Check out my top 3 tips for preventing degenerative disease. Here’s to a healthy October. You are so powerful…

Do You Have A Pinch-worthy Life?

My Uber driver had lost his job as a computer technician. He loved that job. But the driving keeps him plenty busy and he enjoys meeting all of the many types of people. He’s not sure what his next step will be. He is being urged by his father to go back to school for accounting so he can work in the family business. BUT his dream? Is to become a teaching golf professional. His attempt at becoming a playing professional didn’t work out but golf is his passion. As I listened to him talk, I realized that he is actually leaning towards Continue reading Do You Have A Pinch-worthy Life?