Weekly Roundup #21

Hello from Cabo San Lucas! What a treat to be able to thaw out from the Minnesota winter for a week in paradise. It’s amazing what a little Vitamin D can do for the psyche, isn’t it?! I’m keeping it short and sweet this week and jumping right into your recipes. If you need a little break to view some palm trees, you can see more pics on my Instagram feed:-) Here is your weekly roundup! BAKED FISH WITH LEMON CREAM SAUCE I am horrible about cooking fish at my house other than salmon on occasion. But this???? I can’t wait to Continue reading Weekly Roundup #21

A Shattered Phone, Responsibility and Your Weekly Roundup

So, about 4 months ago, my daughter came home from school with a shattered phone screen.  Needless to say, she was beside herself. I mean it’s pretty much a teenager’s life line as far as they’re concerned. She quickly explained that this guy came up and grabbed her phone out of her locker and was goofing around and dropped it. And it was ALL.HIS.FAULT! Hmmm. How do I tell her that while he may have done the dropping, it was actually her fault (and responsibility)? Well, I said, you were the one who decided to bring it to school in the first Continue reading A Shattered Phone, Responsibility and Your Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup #19

If you read last week’s roundup, I’m having a better week over here;) I want to thank everyone that reached out. I truly appreciate you. The good and the bad of it is I am not the only one dealing with this stuff. It’s pretty incredible how many others are. The counselor at my daughter’s school says anxiety among teens is approaching epidemic levels. It’s no joke. How do we combat this? Well, I’ve been considering forming a homeschooling commune. But if that doesn’t pan out, the best medicine is always optimal nutrition. So, this is a good reminder for everyone (especially Continue reading Weekly Roundup #19

Weekly Roundup #18

Can I be honest? I’m in that place that every mom has been. Unfortunately, it’s not a good place. It’s the one where you feel like a complete failure. Where there are no immediate or good answers to my kids’ issues. (Yes, kids plural…as in both of them have stuff at the moment.) My daughter is dealing with anxiety. And my son, well, could be a whole combo of things but guessing it’s a bit of anxiety combined with a food intolerance of some sort. Tummy issues for short. I sometimes wonder what moms without a flexible schedule do about these things. Continue reading Weekly Roundup #18

Weekly Roundup #17

I am so excited… The temperature is supposed to reach 36 degrees today! We’ve made it through yet another round of the deep freeze. And we can actually go outdoors again. It has been extremely cold. And that’s coming from someone that has lived in MN for most of her life. That said, I know the entire country has been seeing some crazy stuff. And in more ways than just the weather..!? But really, I’m emerging on two fronts today. I’ll be getting outside for a walk, number one. And two…I’m coming through the fog of a sugar detox. WooHoo! We’re on Day Continue reading Weekly Roundup #17