This Is How To Be Powerful.

Let’s make prevention a bit more sexy, shall we? It is rarely talked about because, well let’s face it, there’s no money in prevention. Cialis on the other hand…. Well, we know how much we hear about that. And let’s be real. There is no such thing as a Cialis deficiency. Or a Prilosec deficiency. Or a Prozac deficiency. So let’s put the bandaids aside and start talking about prevention. What exactly IS PREVENTION? Prevention is KNOWING you have CONTROL over your health. That your health IS NOT pre-determined. Your health IS NOT DICTATED BY your genetics. (You may be disagreeing with Continue reading This Is How To Be Powerful.

Will You Listen To The Excuses?

“Isn’t it too hot to run today?” the guy asked as I ran by. Maybe, I thought. I definitely wasn’t feeling like much of a gazelle. The dog days of summer are here and it is downright hard to breathe at times. But as I continued on, I began to think that this kind of thinking is the norm. It is ‘generally acceptable’. And it says, not in these exact words…. STOP trying to be better. Life is FINE the way it is. You don’t really want to do THAT, do you?  I mean, in order to make change happen, you almost Continue reading Will You Listen To The Excuses?

Feeling Flat? Try This.

I’ve been on ‘vacation’ for the better part of the last two weeks and while I started out being very mindful of what I was eating and drinking, it literally turned into a free-for-all by the end. Ever experienced this? I am typically very good about getting back on track after a few days maximum but I went from diligence to Doritos with very little in between. And yesterday, I got on the scale for the kickoff of the 21-day FIT AND FAB Challenge…. And let’s just say, the numbers don’t lie. I was furious with myself! And was thinking that the Continue reading Feeling Flat? Try This.

A Daily Affirmation To Be POWERFUL

I am POWERFUL. I make it my priority to feel vibrant and energized so I can give my best to others. I am in charge of my health. No one else. I am ditching the excuses. And I catch myself when they slip out. I am done putting it off until tomorrow. Or Monday. Because the time is now. I am the creator of my life. And my reality, however it currently looks, is solely because of the choices I’ve made. I am solely responsible. I choose not to beat myself up, but focus on what I can do to move forward. Continue reading A Daily Affirmation To Be POWERFUL

Are You A Commitment-Phobe?

When you’ve tried to lose weight before, have you TRULY BELIEVED that you would make it happen? I’ve tried many diets over the years. And many times, when the going got tough, I’d quietly slip back into the comfort zone. I would give the old college try but then lose steam after awhile. I would tell myself that I don’t follow through. That I don’t finish what I start. And beat myself up. Um….not good strategies for weight loss or keeping the weight off, for that matter. And so, I am asking you. When you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, Continue reading Are You A Commitment-Phobe?