Hi! I’m thrilled you are here…

My journey towards a healthy lifestyle began when, after having both of my kids, I was experiencing the debilitating (and all-too-common) condition of heartburn and reflux. 

After seeing a handful of doctors, I was finally diagnosed and put on prescription medications. And, I was sent on my way to take the meds indefinitely, with no explanation of why this was happening or what other options were available for reversing it.

But that didn’t sit well with me.

I wanted to know the cause of the heartburn so I could change what I was doing. 

I wanted to feel in control.

Fortunately, after educating myself and becoming a certified holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I did just that.

I changed my diet and within a very short time, was off the medications and feeling in charge of my health.

In hindsight, I realize that my heartburn and reflux was also a result of my emotional state at the time.

I was a stay-at-home mom, and while grateful (as so many women would have killed to be in my position), I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I wasn’t feeling challenged. 

And I definitely felt stuck.

I was living for happy hour, the time when my kids were tucked in for the night, so I could crack the bottle of wine and numb myself from the unhappiness I felt.

What I didn’t realize then was that I could have changed my situation. That there were (and always are) options. And that by believing ‘it’s just the way it is’, created physical illness, turbulence in my relationship, weight gain, and a sense of despair. 

I had lost sight of my dreams and desires and had forgotten, at some point along the way, to consciously choose my direction.

If you can relate, please know you are not alone.

There are always options. And further, there are always opportunities.

I am passionate about helping other women and moms, take charge of their life in every way.

I want you to feel in control. And ON FIRE.

And you can do that by first, uncovering what it is that you desire for your life. 

Take some time to figure out what you want in each of these areas: health and fitness, family/relationships, business/financial, physical environment, and passion/adventure and any other areas you choose.

But know that by making changes in one area will positively affect all others.

The next step is to change your mindset and therefore your beliefs, so they align with your desires. If you want to lose weight but you believe that it is so hard (even impossible!) at your age, that is exactly what it will be.

We all hold beliefs that we carry around but that we aren’t aware of. And they hold us back from getting where we want to go. Mindset can not be overlooked when you want to create long-term changes.

And finally, getting the accountability and support to confidently move in the direction of your dreams and desires.

It is quite simple really.

But most won’t even start.

YOU, however, are not most. 

In fact, if you are still reading, you are a woman who understands this truth.

That you really can have it all, however that looks to you. 

You have the power to create a life you love. 

If you are feeling: 

  • stuck 
  • overwhelmed 
  • unhappy 
  • frustrated
  • unfulfilled 
  • unhealthy 
  • uninspired 
  • bored
  • numb 
  • blah 
  • ‘okay’ 
  • ‘fine’ 
  • out of control of your life

I will help you to feel: 

  • empowered 
  • powerful 
  • in charge 
  • moving forward
  • on fire 
  • confident 
  • courageous
  • in control and steering your ship 

And I do that by: 

  • helping you uncover your deep desires (which also helps you determine what needs to go)
  • helping you uncover your limiting beliefs and change them 
  • helping you take action towards your dreams 
  • holding space for you to talk openly and honestly so you have more awareness; it all begins with an awareness
  • helping you UP your game in your most pressing area; could be your diet or it could be starting a new business or learning how to say no)
  • helping you realize the power you have to change your life however you want 
  • helping you stay accountable to yourself 
  • helping you kick ‘someday’ to the curb and start living NOW 
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We are taking responsibility for our health and our life. And moving intentionally in the direction of our dreams!