Weekly Roundup #17

I am so excited… The temperature is supposed to reach 36 degrees today! We’ve made it through yet another round of the deep freeze. And we can actually go outdoors again. It has been extremely cold. And that’s coming from someone that has lived in MN for most of her life. That said, I know the entire country has been seeing some crazy stuff. And in more ways than just the weather..!? But really, I’m emerging on two fronts today. I’ll be getting outside for a walk, number one. And two…I’m coming through the fog of a sugar detox. WooHoo! We’re on Day Continue reading Weekly Roundup #17

Weekly Roundup #16

I’ve gone from eating a plant-based (or high carb) diet to now closer to a paleo or even ketogenic (low carb) diet. And I’m sure it will be different again next year…who knows. I don’t believe there is one right way to eat for everyone. I do think, however, that there is an optimal way to eat for our individual body. And that we have to be persistent in finding out which foods work best for us. And, of course, which don’t. So, I continue to be the guinea pig in my own experiment and adjust here and tweak there. No matter Continue reading Weekly Roundup #16

The Best Prevention

I went out with my husband on Friday night. We went to one of our favorite places right around the corner with a friendly staff and a cozy bar. The place was particularly bustling that night. We guessed it was because it’s been so darn frigid here that people were desperate to get out. Anyway, we found ourselves making some new friends at the bar and then, on our way out, talking with a group seated nearby.  (This is so NOT a normal night out. I love to go out and be in the energy but this introvert likes to keep to Continue reading The Best Prevention

Weekly Roundup #15

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope your 2018 is off to a great start! Are you familiar with an Instant Pot? It’s a new pressure cooking gadget that’s all the rage these days. Apparently you can cook chicken breasts in like 5 minutes and many other things that’ll take half the time. Sounds like a busy mom’s dream come true, doesn’t it?! Well, I received one for Christmas and I’ve been testing it out a bit. The jury’s still out but I’ll definitely keep you posted… Here are some recipes that will take you 30 minutes or less! And you don’t even need Continue reading Weekly Roundup #15

Weekly Roundup #14

I hope you are having an awesome holiday season! Are you starting to look ahead to the new year? I know I am. I start to get anxious for some alone time to really map out what I want for myself, for my work, for my relationships, spiritually, financially, and more in the next year. Do you do that? This year, I created something for my family to take part in as well. It’s a look back at the past year and also a look ahead to 2018. A quick worksheet that we can all fill out and then share our successes, Continue reading Weekly Roundup #14