The Best Prevention

I went out with my husband on Friday night. We went to one of our favorite places right around the corner with a friendly staff and a cozy bar. The place was particularly bustling that night. We guessed it was because it’s been so darn frigid here that people were desperate to get out. Anyway, we found ourselves making some new friends at the bar and then, on our way out, talking with a group seated nearby.  (This is so NOT a normal night out. I love to go out and be in the energy but this introvert likes to keep to Continue reading The Best Prevention

How to Lose Weight? I Have No Idea.

I have a confession to make. Are you ready? Here goes: I have no flippin’ idea how to help you lose weight. Kind of embarrassing, right? That I’m a health coach and I don’t know how to do that. Okay, okay, yes. I’m saying that a little tongue in cheek. But if I break it down, there are many reasons people carry extra weight. There are the obvious ones like eating too many chips or ice cream. Or drinking too many Starbucks’ venti mochas. (And really, you and I both know what we should and shouldn’t be eating for the most part, Continue reading How to Lose Weight? I Have No Idea.

New Service Offering: 3-Month Program

Since beginning my practice in April, I have realized that for most busy adults, six months can be a very long time to commit to something when life with kids or career (or both) is rapidly changing. I have decided to also offer a 3-month program and thought I’d explain a little more about what that looks like and who this program might be good for. My 3-month program is completely tailored to what your top 1 or 2 goals are for your health. We will meet in person or by phone every other week for a total of 6 sessions and Continue reading New Service Offering: 3-Month Program

Why a Health Coach?

Here is the typical cycle: we get sick, get a rash, have pain, [insert ailment here] and go to the doctor. We give the doctor a brief description of the problem, they might perform a test or two and then we are either a) diagnosed and given a prescription or b) directed to a specialist for further testing. The “issue” is then taken care of by surgery or prescription meds and we go about our business without another thought. We’re back to feeling good again so we go on living exactly the same way we were prior to the “issue”. That is, Continue reading Why a Health Coach?

Accountability is Key

I am participating in an immersion program for the next six months through my school that provides further business training for those of us that want to take our business to the next level. One of the first things we were required to do was to find an accountability partner or a “buddy” for the program. Having this support system is such a vital part in moving forward, not only in business but in any area you are looking to progress. I found an article with six great reasons of why it is paramount to find an accountability partner. I have related them to Continue reading Accountability is Key