My New Favorite Meal Planning App

I’ve done my meal planning in many different ways over the years from filing clipped or printed recipes to using a subscription service like Real Plans.  And there are pros and cons to each. But I am loving the ease and simplicity of my current system so much! I recently discovered an App called Wunderlist.  And, dare I say, it has changed my life! (And it’s FREE!) It is not specifically for meal planning but for organization and keeping lists. And I’ve created many running lists including Target, Kids’ Stuff, Pet Store, Personal, Work Related, Groceries and Dinners. Which leads me to how Continue reading My New Favorite Meal Planning App

The Natural Ebb and Flow to Weight Loss

Life never goes in a straight line. Or is steady. Or balanced. Or predictable. There are cycles to life. Seasons. A certain ebb and flow to our days, months and years. Times when we gather with friends and family more often. And times when we have our head down in our own endeavors. And times when there is a mixture of both. But never a straight path. So, it would make sense that our weight loss efforts should have a certain ebb and flow as well. A time to push forward and a time to pull back. Go with me here for a minute;) The Continue reading The Natural Ebb and Flow to Weight Loss

Skip a Meal? Gasp…..

When considering a healthy diet or weight loss, we are typically most interested in WHAT we should be eating. Eat this, not that.  What foods are good? Or bad? What is the latest superfood I can buy? And what’s for dinner? But I’ve been reading that WHEN we eat, is just as important, if not more so than the WHAT. In 1977, a survey of more than 60,000 adults and children, revealed that most people ate three times per day. And by 2003, most people were eating closer to five or six times per day.* And I would guess it is similar Continue reading Skip a Meal? Gasp…..

Want to Have Your Dinner and Eat It Too?!

I was completely frustrated. I’d figured out that my diet was causing heartburn and reflux issues and I quickly learned that I needed to get off the Standard American Diet, like yesterday. I needed to cut back on the meat, the cheese, the processed junk that I was so used to and add in more of the fibrous foods like vegetables, greens, and beans. The problem? I had no idea how to cook with these things. I mean…my vegetables came out of a can. And Hamburger Helper was a special night. I recall being too good for cooking. I equated it with cleaning Continue reading Want to Have Your Dinner and Eat It Too?!