Weekly Roundup #14

I hope you are having an awesome holiday season! Are you starting to look ahead to the new year? I know I am. I start to get anxious for some alone time to really map out what I want for myself, for my work, for my relationships, spiritually, financially, and more in the next year. Do you do that? This year, I created something for my family to take part in as well. It’s a look back at the past year and also a look ahead to 2018. A quick worksheet that we can all fill out and then share our successes, Continue reading Weekly Roundup #14

Are You Feeling THIS Every Day?

“It’s hard to explain but I feel more clarity. Like I want to take on projects that I have been ignoring for ages. Is that possible? And why is that?” I get asked about CLARITY quite a bit. That is the word they use to explain how they feel. Even though they don’t fully believe it. And I explain to them that CLARITY is what happens when your digestion is humming. It is what happens when your body is being supported by optimal fuel. It is what happens when your body is being supplied with clean food and excellent supplementation. When you Continue reading Are You Feeling THIS Every Day?

The Natural Ebb and Flow to Weight Loss

Life never goes in a straight line. Or is steady. Or balanced. Or predictable. There are cycles to life. Seasons. A certain ebb and flow to our days, months and years. Times when we gather with friends and family more often. And times when we have our head down in our own endeavors. And times when there is a mixture of both. But never a straight path. So, it would make sense that our weight loss efforts should have a certain ebb and flow as well. A time to push forward and a time to pull back. Go with me here for a minute;) The Continue reading The Natural Ebb and Flow to Weight Loss

6 Ways to Stay On Track This Holiday Season

I love this time of year and yet…..no matter how well-intentioned I am, the festivities sometimes seem to get the best of me. Messing with both my energy and my waistline. But not this year (if I can help it)!  If you can relate, I’ve come up with the simple few things to focus on daily that will not only make you feel your best during the day but will ensure you come out unscathed on the other side. (I believe maintenance during this time is an absolute win!) Here are the 6 ways to stay on your health game this holiday season: Drink plenty of WATER. Continue reading 6 Ways to Stay On Track This Holiday Season

Skip a Meal? Gasp…..

When considering a healthy diet or weight loss, we are typically most interested in WHAT we should be eating. Eat this, not that.  What foods are good? Or bad? What is the latest superfood I can buy? And what’s for dinner? But I’ve been reading that WHEN we eat, is just as important, if not more so than the WHAT. In 1977, a survey of more than 60,000 adults and children, revealed that most people ate three times per day. And by 2003, most people were eating closer to five or six times per day.* And I would guess it is similar Continue reading Skip a Meal? Gasp…..