Weekly Roundup #9

Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? I guess from the looks of it, it starts immediately after Halloween these days. And I can already feel my shoulders creeping up towards my ears. Don’t get me wrong…I love it all! The hustle and bustle. The parties. So much fun! But, I also have to pay really close attention to how I’m taking care of myself so as to not get run down or sick. That’s why I’ve decided to run a FREE 5-day challenge coming up next week (starting the 15th) to kick this holiday season off right. It will include Continue reading Weekly Roundup #9

Struggling Stay-At-Home Mom?

I broke down in tears in my manager’s office when I told him I was leaving the business to stay at home with my 6-month old at the time.  It wasn’t because I’d miss real estate.  But because deep down I knew I was giving up my independence. Something that I had always prided myself on.  And yet, I wanted to be the primary caretaker of my kids in their early years.  So therein lay my internal battle.  I wanted to be the one to take care of them and yet, and yet… About a year in to being at home, I wanted more. I wanted something that made me Continue reading Struggling Stay-At-Home Mom?

Are You Feeling THIS Every Day?

“It’s hard to explain but I feel more clarity. Like I want to take on projects that I have been ignoring for ages. Is that possible? And why is that?” I get asked about CLARITY quite a bit. That is the word they use to explain how they feel. Even though they don’t fully believe it. And I explain to them that CLARITY is what happens when your digestion is humming. It is what happens when your body is being supported by optimal fuel. It is what happens when your body is being supplied with clean food and excellent supplementation. When you Continue reading Are You Feeling THIS Every Day?

6 Ways to Stay On Track This Holiday Season

I love this time of year and yet…..no matter how well-intentioned I am, the festivities sometimes seem to get the best of me. Messing with both my energy and my waistline. But not this year (if I can help it)!  If you can relate, I’ve come up with the simple few things to focus on daily that will not only make you feel your best during the day but will ensure you come out unscathed on the other side. (I believe maintenance during this time is an absolute win!) Here are the 6 ways to stay on your health game this holiday season: Drink plenty of WATER. Continue reading 6 Ways to Stay On Track This Holiday Season

How to Prevent or Reverse Chronic Disease

My daughter just gave me a look. The look that only a teenager can give. The one that makes you feel like the biggest dork on the planet in about half a second. See, I was nodding my head and I even said YEESSSS out loud. To my computer screen. I probably would have given it an AMEN or HALLELUJAH too, had she not been in the room. Because this guy I was watching was speaking my language. Here is THE TRUTH. We need to stop ‘fighting for a cure’. And look at what is right under our noses. In order to Continue reading How to Prevent or Reverse Chronic Disease