Weekly Roundup #15

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope your 2018 is off to a great start! Are you familiar with an Instant Pot? It’s a new pressure cooking gadget that’s all the rage these days. Apparently you can cook chicken breasts in like 5 minutes and many other things that’ll take half the time. Sounds like a busy mom’s dream come true, doesn’t it?! Well, I received one for Christmas and I’ve been testing it out a bit. The jury’s still out but I’ll definitely keep you posted… Here are some recipes that will take you 30 minutes or less! And you don’t even need Continue reading Weekly Roundup #15

What Is the Best Diet For YOU?

Are you still struggling to find the holy grail when it comes to eating for weight loss? Guess what?! Me too. Even after studying over a hundred dietary theories when I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition six years ago. The bottom line is that there is no one right way to eat for everyone. It is an individual thing. And as it should be since all of our bodies are different! So, how to navigate what might work best for you? Well, I want to share some of my thoughts on this. I have been my own experiment now for Continue reading What Is the Best Diet For YOU?

Weekly Roundup! 10-12-17

Insulin resistance is the biggest contributing factor to our obesity epidemic today. Not to mention chronic degenerative disease. Helping the body to become more insulin sensitive is extremely beneficial and is gaining steam as a healing protocol and the most efficient way to lose weight. One way to do this is to eat a diet that assists the body to burn fat for fuel as opposed to sugar. Unfortunately, the majority of us are sugar burners. So, how do you know if your body is insulin resistant? Here are a few clues from the book Fat For Fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola: Continue reading Weekly Roundup! 10-12-17

Are You Feeling THIS Every Day?

“It’s hard to explain but I feel more clarity. Like I want to take on projects that I have been ignoring for ages. Is that possible? And why is that?” I get asked about CLARITY quite a bit. That is the word they use to explain how they feel. Even though they don’t fully believe it. And I explain to them that CLARITY is what happens when your digestion is humming. It is what happens when your body is being supported by optimal fuel. It is what happens when your body is being supplied with clean food and excellent supplementation. When you Continue reading Are You Feeling THIS Every Day?

The Natural Ebb and Flow to Weight Loss

Life never goes in a straight line. Or is steady. Or balanced. Or predictable. There are cycles to life. Seasons. A certain ebb and flow to our days, months and years. Times when we gather with friends and family more often. And times when we have our head down in our own endeavors. And times when there is a mixture of both. But never a straight path. So, it would make sense that our weight loss efforts should have a certain ebb and flow as well. A time to push forward and a time to pull back. Go with me here for a minute;) The Continue reading The Natural Ebb and Flow to Weight Loss