Is This You?

You’re married. Have kids and a mortgage. A cat and a couple of cars.

Everything’s glossy from the outside looking in.

But you can’t help but feel underwhelmed.

And you feel so guilty for even thinking that thought because you know some women would KILL to be in your shoes.

So you stuff it down. Tell yourself to suck it up and get over yourself.

And you continue to go through the motions and wish that nagging thought would go away already.

The one that says….IS THIS ALL THERE IS?

The days move by slowly and yet the weeks fly by.

It’s like Groundhog’s Day every day but difficult to remember what you did 10 minutes ago.

And it makes you sad that you aren’t finding more meaning in it all.

So you keep moving so you don’t have to think about it.

The days are a fog of running here and there, feeding the kids, taking them to activities, never-ending errands, lots of thoughts of frustration running on repeat in your mind.

Fortunately, it’s almost wine o’clock. The kids will be in bed and it will be time to put your feet up and relax. And, of course, catch up with your husband.

Or not. Maybe you’ll just watch some shows.

And once again return to your happy place.

That comfortably numb feeling where there is no guilt, no frustration.

And then you decide maybe you need something to eat and well, one more glass, but then it’s really time for bed.

You’ll be fine…I mean, you’ll still get 7 hours of sleep.

Except. You aren’t fine.

The alarm goes off in the morning and you want to smash your fist straight through it.

Can they make a snooze button that will shut up for like an hour, please?

Now you have to hit the damn thing every 9 minutes until you can’t wait any longer because you’re already gonna be rushing to get the kids ready.

One look in the mirror reminds you that you never want to drink again and really need to get a grip.

You are definitely going to bed early tonight because you are sick of dragging butt around town all day. Promise.

And you know how that usually turns out.

You’re on the hamster wheel. And wish you could just once and for all, jump the f*^% off.


Now, take a minute to consider feeling on top of your life.

You wake up with ease in the morning.

Take some time for yourself before the rest of the house wakes.

You are in charge of your day.

Everything that you love is getting the time and attention that it deserves.

You are working in a way that lights you up.

And tackling the important stuff.

You are present every day with the people you love most.

Especially your kiddos.

You are glowing.

You feel confident in your body again.

You light up the room and have a hard time wiping that smile off your face while everyone wonders what the hell your secret is.

Because you are running the show. The show that is your life.

You are fueling your body in the best way.

Because you are now in tune with what foods work best for you.

And it seems easier to eat good food because you aren’t bored, or stressed, or frustrated, or exhausted, or stuck, or worried, or panicked all the time.

You just simply, feel a knowing.

Of who you are.

Of where you’re going.

And that you’ll get there.

And you aren’t going to let anything distract or stop you. Especially YOU and those voices in your head.

You’ve worked through those old, tired beliefs that you were dragging around like a bag of garbage you didn’t know you had.

And have changed your thinking so you can move forward with confidence.

So you can realize those dreams you’ve been avoiding for so long.

Anything and everything is possible. You finally get this and aren’t going to waste another second of your life, of your precious time, going through the motions.

There is too much life to be lived.

Too many experiences to be had.

So much to be grateful for and to marvel at.

And not enough time in a hundred lifetimes to do it all.

You’re awake. And ON FIRE.


“I have achieved many results [while working with Michelle]. I feel calmer, lighter, happier, more peaceful, full of gratitude and more connected to my authentic self!! 

It is unbelievable how detached I had become. What started out as a bunch of complaints has evolved into a more positive outlook on life with a good hard look at myself. I guess, it’s pretty easy to point fingers and blame others when really we need to look in the mirror and see where the real conflict lies. Instead of trying to change everyone else, I am changing myself! 

I think anyone who is ready to get “uncomfortable” and make real changes will benefit immensely from working with Michelle. Even those who aren’t quite ready to get fully immersed, will benefit a lot too.

If you are looking for a way to make your life more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding, Michelle can provide you with easy and life changing tools to achieve those goals. These are tools you will put in your tool belt and use often. These strategies are not limited to the time of work with Michelle. These are life long tools to be used daily.”  



fb biz photoI want to help you find that excitement again. That direction and inspiration.

Have such a positive outlook that you can’t wipe the smile off your face.

To the point where you WANT to share yourself and this newfound energy with others.

Because we will uncover what it is you truly desire for your life. The good stuff. The scary-good stuff. All of it.

And then we’ll put the habits in place that make it do-able.

It really is simple if you think about it. It is setting up those support systems and habits in order for you to take those small steps daily. And if you make it real in your mind and don’t throw in the towel along the way, you will get to where you want to go.

But sadly, most won’t even begin. Because they aren’t willing to be uncomfortable. Aren’t willing to look at where their thinking is maybe killing their chances of success. And then continue to prove to themselves that the story is true.

The story that says….I don’t have time. I don’t deserve it. See, I can’t lose the weight. I’m just not meant to be lean. I’m [insert age] now so it’s too late anyway. I don’t have the money.

And they’ll continue to feel the overwhelm and the lack of energy and the pull from every direction because that’s what they know. And where they feel comfortable.

But you aren’t like most.

You feel deep down that there is a more fulfilling life to be lived.

That you were meant to feel inspired and fired up about the day ahead.

You believe it’s possible to live with less stress and more ease AND make a lot happen.

So you desire to learn how to put everything that’s important to you on the top of the list every day so it doesn’t continue to get neglected.

And you want to put yourself back on the top of that list because if you don’t, the regret will outweigh the guilt.

Take just a minute to consider where you’ll be in 6 months or a year if you continue on as you are.

Life really CAN change quickly.

But it takes courage. And the willingness to think differently. And then act accordingly.

It’s YOUR TIME, girlfriend.

Time to become even more successful. More empowered.

YOU. Running your show. Knowing what’s truly important to you. And creating your life in all ways.

I will be your support, your guide, your sounding board, your cheerleader so that you can elevate every area of your life.


This is a 1:1 coaching program that runs for 6 weeks.

This will include an initial one-hour discovery session and 5 30-minute sessions each week after.