What Is the Best Diet For YOU?

Are you still struggling to find the holy grail when it comes to eating for weight loss? Guess what?! Me too. Even after studying over a hundred dietary theories when I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition six years ago. The bottom line is that there is no one right way to eat for everyone. It is an individual thing. And as it should be since all of our bodies are different! So, how to navigate what might work best for you? Well, I want to share some of my thoughts on this. I have been my own experiment now for Continue reading What Is the Best Diet For YOU?

Weekly Roundup! 10-12-17

Insulin resistance is the biggest contributing factor to our obesity epidemic today. Not to mention chronic degenerative disease. Helping the body to become more insulin sensitive is extremely beneficial and is gaining steam as a healing protocol and the most efficient way to lose weight. One way to do this is to eat a diet that assists the body to burn fat for fuel as opposed to sugar. Unfortunately, the majority of us are sugar burners. So, how do you know if your body is insulin resistant? Here are a few clues from the book Fat For Fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola: Continue reading Weekly Roundup! 10-12-17

Weekly Recipe Roundup 10-5-17

This has been one heck of a week, hasn’t it? Actually, let’s make that month(s). I just want to let you know that if you, like me, are having a tough time dealing with all of the tragedies and divisiveness in our country (and the heaviness of it all), definitely take some time and remove yourself. If only for a couple minutes, take it. Anything will make a difference. Our nervous systems are being assaulted. And unless you are very conscious of doing things to counter that, it will take a toll on your health. Stress can absolutely sabotage a healthy body. Continue reading Weekly Recipe Roundup 10-5-17

Weekly Recipe Roundup 9-28-17

Howdy! I have to say, I’m having a lot of fun rounding up some incredible recipe ideas for you each week. I hope you’re finding some winners for your family and it’s making your life just a leeetle bit easier when it comes to meal planning. My goal is to not only help you conquer the weeknight question of ‘what’s for dinner?’. But to also keep it simple and understand that it doesn’t have to take long to taste great. Oh, and you’ll feel so happy with yourself because you will have gotten a healthy, low-glycemic meal on the table for your Continue reading Weekly Recipe Roundup 9-28-17

Weekly Recipe Roundup 9-21-17

How did your week go? Did you try out any of the recipes from last week’s roundup? Hope it helped with your meal planning for the week. How could it help you more? I’d love to hear your suggestions! Just to recap, all of the recipes I include must check the following boxes: QUICK  30 minutes or less OR can be made in the crockpot for ultimate ease. They will be completely doable on the weeknights! EASY  You’ll likely have most of the ingredients on hand with only a few that need to be purchased. And of course… HEALTHY I will include Continue reading Weekly Recipe Roundup 9-21-17