Struggling Stay-At-Home Mom?

I broke down in tears in my manager’s office when I told him I was leaving the business to stay at home with my 6-month old at the time. 

It wasn’t because I’d miss real estate. 

But because deep down I knew I was giving up my independence. Something that I had always prided myself on. 

And yet, I wanted to be the primary caretaker of my kids in their early years. 

So therein lay my internal battle. 

I wanted to be the one to take care of them and yet, and yet…

About a year in to being at home, I wanted more.

I wanted something that made me feel like I was making a difference and of course, made me feel FREE. 

I longed for my independence and was numbing myself each and every night because I felt STUCK. 

And to top it all off I didn’t feel like I could share my discontent with anyone. 

I felt guilty for even thinking this way. (I mean, what a bitch. Others would die to be able to stay home with their kids.) 

All I could see were the other moms living their bliss. LOVING the playdates and the mommy and me classes and all I could think was….how did it come to this? 

Me…the person who used to poke fun at the idea of the domestic goddess. The one who thought cooking was a JOKE and would never stoop to doing something so menial. The woman who thought she’d have numerous homes and be traveling the world. 

And here I was. Barely leaving the house. Asking my husband for money. Cooking Hamburger Helper. Unhappy, lonely and unfulfilled. 

Fortunately for me, my body pitched a fit…

My digestive issues at the time were so bad (go figure) that I decided to see a doctor. And after months of doctors’ appointments and a slew of tests, I was diagnosed with heartburn and reflux. And put on prescription meds.

It wasn’t long until I wondered how long I’d have to take the medication. 

And I wasn’t getting any good answers from my doctor. (This is where conventional medicine and I stopped seeing eye to eye on a lot of things.)

So, what began as some research on how I could reverse my heartburn (which I quickly did by changing my diet), turned into a passion for taking responsibility for my health. And, more importantly, for my life. 

Because, ultimately, I was the only one that could do that. 

It was time to buck the victim mentality that was wearing me and everyone else, down.

Because…there were OPTIONS!

It was time to start creating the life I’d always dreamt of. 

WHILE being home with my kids. 

I wanted to make my own hours. Work from anywhere. 

To schedule my work around my workout.

To travel. And cook dinners.

Without a boss breathing down my neck. Or the confines of set hours while waiting for Friday.

I wanted to make my own money. 

I wanted to be able TO DECIDE. 

And most importantly…I wanted TIME FREEDOM! 

I mean, what is more precious than time in this life of ours? 

Time freedom = true wealth.

I decided to start OWNING my power.

And I found the avenue to do just that.

My passion is to empower other women to TAKE CHARGE of their health and life.

True health and true wealth comes from loving your days, feeling fueled on a soul level and in your body, and truly knowing that you’re fulfilling a purpose here on this earth.

Do you feel like you’re doing that?

What does true health and wealth look like to you? 

What are those things that you truly value? 

(You can probably guess mine…freedom, health, family, travel and contribution.)

So, IF you feel like there could be more. 

No, YOU KNOW there is more…

And you’re gonna search until you find it…

I would love to share something with you. 

I am hosting a webinar called “Women and Wealth: Creating A Freedom Lifestyle”.

And I would love for you to join me.