The Best Prevention

I went out with my husband on Friday night.

We went to one of our favorite places right around the corner with a friendly staff and a cozy bar.

The place was particularly bustling that night. We guessed it was because it’s been so darn frigid here that people were desperate to get out.

Anyway, we found ourselves making some new friends at the bar and then, on our way out, talking with a group seated nearby. 

(This is so NOT a normal night out. I love to go out and be in the energy but this introvert likes to keep to herself most of the time.)

A couple at the table went right for the kill….what do you do?

Scott’s in mortgage lending and I mentioned I was a health coach.

Immediately, the woman said, while looking at me over the top of her glasses…’EXPLAIN’.

Okay, I could play this game. I’d had a couple drinks and wasn’t completely irritated with someone bossing me like that.;)

(Another side note: I cannot stand being told what to do. Just one of my personality disorders.)

I explained to them what I did and was immediately asked if I believe in colonics (well, it can be a great healing mechanism), mammograms (not entirely as I believe the radiation can be harmful, there are plenty of false positives and there are safer ways to diagnose), or colonoscopies (again, no straightforward answer here but in general, not unless you’re having specific issues).

And then there was a bit of an argument I guess you could call it. 

They were appalled that I didn’t subscribe to the ‘best prevention’. And hoped that I didn’t die.

And at one point I just put my hands up and said “hey, I’m just a health coach…you do what you want to do”. 

I mean, I was just answering the questions.

So, after considering the conversation for the next couple days (as that’s what us introverts do), I’ve got some thoughts.

The thing is, there is never one answer. And most of the time, there is never one way to treat. 

Because, until we know what the underlying cause is, taking a statin or other prescription med or following the conventional medicine protocol for whatever the diagnosis, is just a bandaid solution.

It is not addressing the reason that the dis-ease (or unbalance) is happening in the first place.

Our conventional system doesn’t look at the WHY. 

And that keeps us disempowered…

Getting scanned as often as recommended (and praying for an all clear) despite the potential side effects.

Being absolutely terrified of the ‘monster’ that we believe we have no control over.

Taking prescription meds to feel better. And not realizing the side effects that they may be causing while not treating the real cause.

God forbid, being diagnosed…and following the protocol to a T because it is the only option provided. And because of the fear.

Thinking that because they label our disease (breast cancer, heart disease, colon cancer, etc), that our body is compartmentalized and not one whole unit.

Thinking that once the monster is named, that we should be treated the same as others with the same diagnosis.

And living scared that the monster will return.

Now, I have to add this before I get in trouble here…

Conventional medicine protocol sometimes IS the best option.

And I am not attacking anyone that has dealt with or is dealing with a disease and following their doctor’s orders.

What I’m trying to get across, however, is that you have so much more control over your health than you are lead to believe by our system.

We are not being given all of the data to make the best decision. Each of us is unique and with a different health history. And should therefore be treated as such.

Our system is driven by money. Primarily from the pharmaceutical companies.

And while there are many beneficial treatments and medications, there are many that do more harm than good.

My point as always…is that sometimes food (combined with high-quality supplementation) is the better medicine. 

It is certainly the best prevention.

Remember, you are powerful.

To taking charge,