Weekly Recipe Roundup 9-28-17


I have to say, I’m having a lot of fun rounding up some incredible recipe ideas for you each week. I hope you’re finding some winners for your family and it’s making your life just a leeetle bit easier when it comes to meal planning.

My goal is to not only help you conquer the weeknight question of ‘what’s for dinner?’. But to also keep it simple and understand that it doesn’t have to take long to taste great. Oh, and you’ll feel so happy with yourself because you will have gotten a healthy, low-glycemic meal on the table for your family without breaking a sweat.

Seriously, take a bow like the rockstar that you are. You’re making it look too easy!

All of the recipes I include must check these boxes…
30 minutes or less OR can be made in the crockpot for ultimate ease. They will be completely doable on the weeknights!
You’ll likely have most of the ingredients on hand with only a few that need to be purchased.
And of course…
I will include a mix of recipes so those of you that are vegetarian/vegan will be able to find something as well as those that include meat in their diet. Either way, low-glycemic is the goal!


Here is your weekly roundup!


The weather is starting to feel more Fall-like around here which means…time to break out the sweaters and cook up some comfort food. This sheet pan meatloaf is the perfect option as it’s comforting yet, won’t put you to sleep early. And very little cleanup is always a bonus.

PREVENTIONISTA TIP: make extra mini meatloaves…toss them on buns another night for quick cheeseburgers or throw some in the freezer for next week.


I don’t make fish often enough at home because I’m afraid I’ll screw it up…?! Fortunately, there are recipes like this that are impossible to get wrong. AND, this recipe will literally come together in 20 minutes.

Use whatever white fish you like and adjust bake time if using thicker fillets. Roast some vegetables or potatoes at the same time and voilá…dinner served.


When you grow up in Minnesota, you learn to love a good casserole. And this one doesn’t disappoint! Also doesn’t get any easier and leftovers are just as good the next day. I like mine topped with a spoonful of plain yogurt and a shot of hot sauce…YUM!

Make this Vegetarian: Substitute the ground turkey with your favorite type of bean and/or other vegetables.


I love soup year round but especially when the leaves are turning. And this recipe is another one that will only take you 20 minutes. I mean, it really is “stupid easy” (hey, it’s the name of her site;-)). Oh, and let’s not forget, delicious.

I would pair this with a green salad or some steamed broccoli and call it a day.


Here’s an idea when you want that pumpkin spice flavor but not in the form of a sugary latte. This one won’t spike your blood sugar and will kick off your day in a much healthier fashion. 

Now, go forth and take charge in your kitchen.

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Have a great week!