Weekly Roundup 10-19-17

This week’s roundup was a total hit with my family.

And the keyword for me was ‘simple’! These recipes couldn’t have been easier.

I can tell when I’ve chosen good recipes in my meal planning for the week…

When I actually make everything on my list.

And I did it this past week!

So, these recipes really hit the mark.

Hope they work for you as well!


This one got rave reviews from my family. And because it was soooo simple to make, it will be a recipe I come back to over and over.

You could easily use a larger pan and include a bunch of vegetables for a one pan meal.

I served this with roasted asparagus and a salad.


Want a no-fail recipe for making tender, juicy chicken every single time? Well, look no further…this one is it!

This is similar to the chicken that I make once per week. I typically use a mixture of plain yogurt, grated parmesan and garlic powder to top the chicken and it works every time.

AND this one was just as delicious and just as easy! YUM! Love having variations.

PREVENTIONISTA TIP: Double the recipe and use the leftovers on your salad for lunch or in a stir fry the following night.


Another hit this week…I was on a roll!

This soup, as it says in the title, literally comes together in 10 minutes. And is absolutely delicious even if it only has a handful of ingredients!

PREVENTIONISTAS TIP: I used half the beans that the recipe called for. You could also add some rotisserie chicken, cooked ground turkey or cooked sausage to this one for an even heartier meal.


Simple seems to be the key this week and this salad is no exception.

Arugula has such a unique and delicious taste to it and is in season during the Spring and Fall.

Add the simple dressing to these greens and pair it with any recipe at all.


PREVENTIONISTA’S TIP: Always use the highest quality ingredients. This includes:

  • organic, as much as possible
  • wild-caught fish and seafood
  • free-range, organic eggs and poultry
  • grass-fed beef

Now, go forth and take charge in your kitchen.

And if you like this weekly roundup, share it with a friend.

Have a great week!