Weekly Roundup #17

I am so excited…

The temperature is supposed to reach 36 degrees today!

We’ve made it through yet another round of the deep freeze. And we can actually go outdoors again.

It has been extremely cold. And that’s coming from someone that has lived in MN for most of her life.

That said, I know the entire country has been seeing some crazy stuff. And in more ways than just the weather..!?

But really, I’m emerging on two fronts today. I’ll be getting outside for a walk, number one.

And two…I’m coming through the fog of a sugar detox. WooHoo!

We’re on Day 4 of LEAN FOR LIFE and I’m beginning to feel like myself again, only better!

See, once you get your body off of sugar…

  • You start thinking more clearly.
  • You have more energy.
  • You may even find yourself tackling that project that’s been sitting there for who knows how long.
  • There’s a lightness within…a more positive feeling in general.
  • Sleep is more sound.
  • The digestion is humming.
  • Not to mention all of the things happening internally (bye inflammation!) that we don’t even think about.

I hope you’re feeling amazing this January too! And staying safe from the elements.

I’ve put together some awesome low-glycemic recipes for you again this week.

Here is your Weekly Roundup!

All of the recipes I include in the roundup must check these boxes…
30 minutes or less OR can be made in the crockpot for ultimate ease. They will be completely doable on the weeknights!
You’ll likely have most of the ingredients on hand with only a few that need to be purchased.
And of course…
I will include a mix of recipes so those of you that are vegetarian/vegan will be able to find something as well as those that include meat in their diet. Either way, low-glycemic (little to no sugar) is the goal!


Is there a better combination than garlic and parmesan? Not in my world. Dinner will be on the table in 15 minutes with this delicious recipe!

Serve with some steamed or roasted vegetables and a salad.


Nothing says comfort food like a good sauce and this rosemary cream sauce is no exception!

Serve the chops and cream over some cauliflower rice and get comforted.


This is such a great staple recipe. Eat as a main course or serve as a side dish. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

And yet another delicious creamy sauce…yum!


Easy doesn’t have to mean boring or bland! And this roasted red pepper soup is the perfect example.

Make it vegan by using coconut milk or cashew cream.


PREVENTIONISTA’S TIP: Always use the highest quality ingredients.

This includes:

  • organic, as much as possible
  • wild-caught fish and seafood
  • free-range, organic eggs and poultry
  • grass-fed beef

Now, go forth and take charge in your kitchen.

And if you like this weekly roundup, share it with a friend.

Have a great week!