Weekly Roundup #19

If you read last week’s roundup, I’m having a better week over here;)

I want to thank everyone that reached out. I truly appreciate you.

The good and the bad of it is I am not the only one dealing with this stuff. It’s pretty incredible how many others are.

The counselor at my daughter’s school says anxiety among teens is approaching epidemic levels. It’s no joke.

How do we combat this?

Well, I’ve been considering forming a homeschooling commune. But if that doesn’t pan out, the best medicine is always optimal nutrition.

So, this is a good reminder for everyone (especially while we wade through these long, dark winter months)…

• Add extra Vitamin D (high-quality please) (kids too) above and beyond your multivitamin and omega-3 supplementation

• Keep cooking at home as much as humanly possible

• Get plenty of good quality sleep

• Reduce stress levels with exercise or deep breathing or the Calm App

• Eat those dark, leafy greens (add some in to your morning smoothie)

• Get outside! The air in our homes is 2-5 times more toxic than it is outdoors. And the sunshine, even if only on your face, is extremely beneficial.

Alright, on to this week’s roundup!

It’s Super Bowl week! And this week’s recipes are appetizers for game day.

Any of them are sure to be crowd pleasers and won’t take much time.

Anyone else a BIG fan of pickles? Not only would these be great for game time but are an awesome snack idea any day of the week.

Vegan option: replace tuna with mashed chickpeas.


Here’s an easy stuffed mushroom recipe that’s sure to be a hit at the party!

OR, make this a dinner entrée by using some Portobello mushrooms and increasing the bake time a bit.


This one checks all the boxes…dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan.

Oh and so pretty!



Bacon-ranch-cheddar…always a winning combo.

These look so tasty, I’m guessing the kids would even gobble these up (without even knowing they’re eating a vegetable!).





PREVENTIONISTA’S TIP: Always use the highest quality ingredients. This includes:

• organic, as much as possible

• wild-caught fish and seafood

• free-range, organic eggs and poultry

• grass-fed beef

Now, go forth and take charge in your kitchen.

And if you like this weekly roundup, share it with a friend.

Have a great week!